William Tell




This cider is simple, yet complex and VERY DRY! We went with the BAREBONES and made this cider with APPLES, APPLES, and only APPLES. You don’t need to be sweet to have character!

Pairings: Sliders, Szechuan and Sushi



Blending tart blueberries and California Zinfandel creates a hard apple cider with dark fruit flavors, sprightly tannins, and a deep lavender hue. Our frost fermentation process ensures a balances, food-friendly cider.

Pairings: BBQ, BLT’s and Blueberry Salsa




is a unique blend of freshly fermented Hard Apple Cider and premium California Pinot Grigio. We start with fresh juice from five types of apples and ferment it in three lots, each with different yeast to add flavor complexity. Then comes the creative touch: we add 15% of our Pinot Grigio and then Frost Ferment the blend to concentrate the fresh apple and wine character and enhance the flavors. If Frost Fermentation doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because we invented this technique to create our Pinot Grigio cider.

With pale straw color & perfect clarity. The candied apple aromas are layered with hints of crisp Pinot Grigio. Significant effervescence hits the palate with candied apple flavors and lime, citrus and Pinot Grigio accents, followed by a soft, lingering finish and a little tannic bite.

Pairings: White Meats, Asia-Themed Pork, Crab and Shrimp

GOLD MEDAL, 2016 Grand Harvest Awards

“I chose William Tell as our brand name because he’s the historical figure known for “hitting the bulls eye” when he shot an apple off of his young son’s head with his bow and arrow. When you take your first sip of William Tell, we hope you’ll think we hit the bull’s eye too.” (Paul Scotto, Cider Brother II)




Beautiful, clean and effervescent with a wisp of pale gold and a tint of green on the edge. The tiny bubbles are very active with enticing apple aromas that jump out of the glass. Green apple, and lemon and lime notes round out the aromatics. Hits the palate with carbonation, tartness and a hint of tannin balanced by ripe green apple and lime, leading to a creamy richness in the finish.

Pairings: Oysters, Charcuterie, Aged Cheeses, Session-Style Drinking

GOLD MEDAL, 2015 Artisan Awards



Resembles a crisp Rose wine in color and taste. Fruity aromas of fresh strawberries, vanilla cream and honey lead to sweet citrus, melon and mineral flavors. Medium bodied and very well balanced. Starts slightly sweet but finishes dry, soft and lingering.

Pairings: Fresh Fruit, Goats Milk Cheeses, Spicy Latin and Asian Appetizers

BEST OF CLASS, GOLD MEDAL, 2016 West Coast Wine Competition



Very complex flavors with a light cherry color. The generous effervescence carries aromas exploding with sour cherry and cinnamon. Flavors continue on the palate with spice and oak tannins. Medium bodied with rich mouthfeel and a hint of cinnamon.

Pairings: Hard Cheeses, Fatty Duck, Smoked Meats, Burgers with Blue Cheese

SILVER MEDAL, 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition



Cider never tasted like this crisp, new creation: our unique blend of hand crafted hard apple cider, delicately floral Muscat wine and lush, tropical mango. Crack open a can today for instant sunshine and a perfect pouring partner!

Pairings:Spicy treats, well seasoned meats and almost any tasty sweets!