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Tom Wark at Cider Journal: William Tell Fruit Ciders

From the Cider Brothers whose blends of flavors are among the more unique in cider comes this blend of apples, mango juice and muscat wine. It starts out pale yell with large, lazy bubbles and no foaming head to speak of. The aroma on this cider leans toward the mango with a high-toned set of sweet aromas that are pretty assertive. Underneath that comes and equally sweet and fresh muscat character. The apple aromas that do make an appearance are of the concentrated sort. This is very sweet cider that rides a ripe apple flavor with an accompanying veil of muscat and just a touch of mango on the palate. It’s interesting that the mango aroma would be so prominent, yet much more subdued in flavor. Again, there is little effervescence here, no tannin structure and moderate acid. Serve cold on a warm day. – See more at:

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